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Illumination lasers

Enhance your lighting

The laser illumination equipment of the CAVILUX product range is the primary alternative in such technology for suppliers of industrial quality monitoring systems. They operate like a highly accurate, high-speed flash light, and are particularly designed for the monitoring of fast and hot objects in industrial processes.

CAVILUX laser illumination equipment is a suitable light source for most high-speed and industrial cameras and cameras used in industry. When the cameras are used with CAVILUX-lasers, the surrounding illumination conditions (for example sunlight or other bright lights) or vibrations do not interfere the imaging.

CAVILUX is also a unique tool for all research and development work. In R&D the possible fields of application include material processing, flows, material testing, ballistics, collisions, explosions and special visualization techniques. For example, high-speed imaging is a powerful R&D tool for such things as troubleshooting and for obtaining a better understanding of the object under study.

High speed visualization

High-speed imaging is a powerful tool for such things as trouble-shooting and for obtaining a better understanding of the object under study. When combined with a compatible high-speed camera, CAVILUX laser illumination dramatically enhances the image quality and operating speed of the monitoring system. CAVILUX-lasers are versatile and powerful pulsed diode laser light sources that are very suitable for scientific and industrial R&D.

Machine vision

CAVILUX lasers are ideal light sources for industrial visualization solutions. They are immune to surrounding lighting conditions and ‘see’ through blinding brightness. The very short light pulses enable the accurate visualization of fast motion with no motion blur. Therefore these lasers are excellent light sources for machine vision and R&D purposes. The products are compact and robust. Fibre coupling brings further flexibility and better accessibility since it enables the use of the lasers even in cramped spaces.