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CAVILUX Smart is a versatile and powerful pulsed diode laser light source. It is very suitable as a light source for machine vision solutions and is an excellent and versatile tool for scientific and industrial R&D work. Possible monitoring applications include welding, paper webs, flows, material testing and the study of impacts and explosions.

CAVILUX Smart can generate pulsed light power of hundreds of watts. The standard wavelength is 640 nm or 810 nm. The visible 640 nm red light makes alignment easier and provides good sensitivity with semiconductor cameras. Even higher power and brightness can be achieved by using 810 nm light. In spite of the wavelength, the light output is always monochromatic and incoherent, which is ideal for illumination purposes as there are no chromatic aberrations or speckle.

CAVILUX Smart can generate arbitrary pulses or bursts of pulses with adjustable durations for the length of each individual pulse and each delay between pulses. The duration of each pulse can be adjusted from 30 ns to 10 ?s. All features are controlled with CAVILUX Control software. The maximum duty cycle (0.1 %) of CAVILUX Smart enables, for example, the generation of 1 us pulses at a frequency of 1 kHz.