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CAVILUX HF is a versatile and powerful pulsed diode laser light source. It is very suitable as a light source for machine vision solutions and is an excellent and versatile tool for scientific and industrial R&D work.

The high maximum duty cycle (2 %) of CAVILUX HF makes it ideal for use with high-speed cameras. It is possible to generate, for example, 2 us light pulses at 10 kHz frequency or 100 ns light pulses at 200 kHz frequency

CAVILUX HF is available at 810 nm wave length and includes all the features of CAVILUX Smart as well as extensive features for high-frequency operation. The possible applications in scientific and industrial R&D include high-speed imaging of welding, collisions, and explosions.
We can also provide complete high-speed imaging systems (including a CAVILUX laser light source, camera, different optical accessories and triggering) that are optimized according to customer´s specific needs.

We have extensive experience of high-speed cameras and we know which cameras are the most compatible with CAVILUX HF. The important attributes for the camera are good sensitivity at the laser wavelength (810 nm), short minimum shutter time and accurate electronics.