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Exceptional Image quality:
The cleanest, most detailed image results from very low read out noise and very high dynamic range. Low noise provides a clean image especially in the dark, hard-to-see parts. High dynamic range shows detail in the shades of an image, especially in high contrast scenarios. The v2640 has both the lowest noise floor of any Phantom camera, and the highest dynamic range of any Phantom Global shutter camera.

Exceptional Sensitivity:
The v2640 has ISO measurements of 16,000D (monochrome) and 3,200D (color), and 25,000D (monochrome) in Binned modes.

Exceptional Speed:
With 26Gpx/sec, the v2640 offers 6,600 frames per second (fps) at full 4Mpx resolution and 11,750 fps at 1920 x 1080.

Exceptional Flexibility:
The v2640 offers up to 4 operating modes, providing maximum flexibility. Standard mode with Correlated Double Sampling offers unparalleled image quality, while High Speed (HS) mode provides up to 34% more throughput. Monochrome cameras also have Binning modes for increased throughput and sensitivity.

Built on Proven UHS Platform:
The v2640 has the same Ease-of-Use features as all the other members of the proven Phantom Ultrahigh-Speed Camera line. Plus, it has Programmable I/O to meet specific application needs.


Detailed Tech Specs