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Size: Measuring just 32mm x 32mm x 29mm, the camera head of the Phantom Miro N-Series, the Miro N5, is incredibly small, and can be mounted just about anywhere. Coupled with its hi-G construction (tested to withstand impacts up to 170G), this camera is ideally suited for hostile and extreme environments, such as auto crash and aerospace testing. At its full resolution of 768x600, the Miro N5 delivers 560 frames-per-second (fps) and can achieve 9,055 fps at lower resolutions.

Data Security: Data security is absolutely critical for any high-impact environment. The Miro N5 camera head is separate from the data storing base, the Miro N-JB base. If the head is destroyed or the cable is severed, any images captured by the camera head are instantaneously transferred to the camera base via a CXP cable and CoaXPress protocol where they’re safely stored in the onboard 8GB of RAM or 128GB of non-volatile CineFlash memory. The Miro N-JB base also has a battery backup to ensure data is saved in the event of power loss.

Affordability: Due to the nature of auto crash and aerospace testing, the risk of damage to expensive high-speed camera equipment is a very real possibility. Having to replace entire camera systems can prove to be quite costly; however, thanks to the Phantom Miro N-Series’ engineering and separation of the camera head from the camera base, this is no longer the case. Should the camera head be destroyed, new Miro N5 heads can be purchased and swapped into existing setups at a nominal cost.


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