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ServoSled 700

“Sled-in-a-box” turnkey solution for component testing

The ServoSled 700 performs seat, child seat, seatbelt, and battery regulatory pulses as well as more complex frontal vehicle pulses. Built on the proven ServoSled technologies being used in more than 50 safety labs worldwide, the compact “sled-in-a-box” is ready to use right out of the container with a short installation time that requires no major civil work.

Fast installation with minimal civil work - installs within existing buildings, speeding construction and reducing costs with simple concrete modifications typically managed by Seattle Safety

Lower operating costs, more complex pulses than a decelerator - uses no consumables, reducing the cost per test, and can perform much more complex pulses than a decelerator to meet a wide variety of testing

Performs all standard component tests and complex vehicle pulses - performs all the regulatory pulses plus vehicle pulses with high frequency, closed-loop pulse controls to further validate seat and restraint systems

Quick test turnaround - can be ready for a new test in less than 20 minutes, allowing rapid conformance testing

ServoSled 700 provides the reliable, repeatable component-level compliance test performance of the industry-leading ServoSled system at a fraction of the cost, complexity, and lead/installation time.

Fast installation, easy relocation

The ServoSled 700 is fully assembled and validated at the manufacturer, then split into sections to fit into a standard shipping container, making it easier and quicker to assemble in test facilities. The sled bolts to standard concrete floors for fast installation with minimal civil work required. Its compact design and simple installation make it easy to relocate to another facility if required.

The compact deisng of the ServoSled 700 allows it to be shipped in a standard container for faster unloading and assembly.

ServoSled 700 can be installed on a standard concrete floor with minimal civil work required for easy installation and relocation.

Recharging pneumatic actuators

Dual actuators provide an optimized load path that reduces sled weight, and the recharging actuators eliminate the need for compressors, decreasing the time between tests.

High performance servo brake

The new compact servo brake design is integrated into the package to reduce sled weight, providing easy access and maintenance.

First shot accuracy

ServoSled 700 can achieve most regulatory pulses within corridors without tuning. The Seattle Safety proprietary control system, already at use in over 50 leading safety labs, is optimized for first shot performance.

Integrated sled positioner and brake

The sled positioner and brake are integrated to a single computer-controlled drive that gently brings the sled to a stop after the test and smoothly returns it to the home position to prepare for the next test.

More complex pulses, better repeatability than a decelerator

Unlike a decelerator,ServoSled 700 delivers repeatable setup with standstill test initiation—preventing dummy movement prior to the test pulse. The ability to perform much more complex pulses allows ServoSled 700 to meet a wide variety of testing needs well into the future.

Perform all standard component tests and complex vehicle pulses

ServoSled 700 not only provides excellent accuracy and repeatability for all pulses required for component-level conformance testing, but also can perform actual vehicle pulses with high-frequency, closed-loop pulse controls to further validate seat and restraint systems.

The sled’s track length is customizable to meet specific speed and g-force requirements.

ServoSled 700 Specifications

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