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ServoSled Catapult Sled System™

The premier choice of automotive safety labs worldwide

For the highest productivity and optimal performance in the lab, ServoSled™ leads the market. Efficiently and accurately test everything from low-g whiplash to high payload crashes.
Comply with the all of the latest FMVSS, ECE, and NCAP safety standards. The system\'s innovative technology offers a number of key advantages to help lab managers meet the demands of safety engineering.

Premium pulse accuracy - Proprietary servo-hydraulic control yields highly accurate and repeatable acceleration and velocity profiles with extremely high frequency response-beyond 250Hz.

High productivity - Rapidly tune new pulses and complete all the tests you need as quickly as possible. With closed-loop acceleration and pressure feedback, you can achieve better than 3% RMS error in three tuning shots or less.

High performance - The advanced control algorithms allow you to perform a wide range of tests-frontal impact, rear impact, complex NCAP simulations and more-with accuracy, repeatability and confidence. Using the built-in negative-G capabilities, you can perform side-impact testing without add-ons.

Superior quality - Custom fabricated in the USA and installed on-site by Seattle Safety technicians to meet your exact requirements, ServoSled provides decades of reliable operation and easy maintenance. With open access to off-the-shelf industrial components, lab technicians can easily perform routine maintenance without manufacturer assistance.

The ServoSled Software and Control System with its friendly Windows® user interface, provides automated control of the entire system while giving operators opportunities to adjust parameters on the fly. The system automatically calculates, sets and checks settings, providing real-time data collection and analysis during tests. Off-the-shelf National Instruments® control hardware makes it easy for lab technicians to customize the system with new signals or triggers to accommodate evolving testing needs.

Perform all your simulations with one sled

Vehicle-level simulations

Achieve higher safety ratings by tuning the complete safety system on accurate repeatable pulses. You can simulate:

  • Frontal Impacts (FMVSS 208, EuroNCAP)
  • Offset Impacts (EuroNCAP, IIHS)
  • Side Impacts (FMVSS 214, IIHS, and EuroNCAP)

  • High-performance pulses - Perform demanding high-energy and high-frequency pulses with excellent accuracy. The closed loop servobrake control follows complex targets and provides up to 122G / 4000kg capacity. The inherent braking capability allows the frontal pulse to dip below zero without risk of losing ram contact.

    Side-impact simulations - With negative-G capability, ServoSled can match the velocity of the impact fixture and seat after the initial pulse to maintain the relative position of the ATD and restraint system throughout the test. Simply mount the side impact or pole impact fixtures on the sled to run the most challenging side-impact pulses.

    Seat and restraint system validation

    ServoSled gives you the freedom to define the optimal test program to satisfy compliance testing. With accurate and repeatable control, engineers can avoid costly over-design or test variability. You can validate:

  • Seats (ECE R17, R80, GB15083, FAA)
  • Child Seats (ECE R44, FMVSS 213)
  • Seatbelts (ECE R16, GB14166)
  • Whiplash (FMVSS 202a, EuroNCAP, IIHS)

  • Seats and safety restraint testing - Test seats, child restraints, and other components with speed and accuracy. Technicians can quickly switch between test pulses without pausing for mechanical changes. The software can easily run historical pulses or learn new ones directly from raw data.

    Whiplash simulations - Quickly set up and execute a full range of whiplash simulations to comply with EuroNCAP and other safety standards. You can achieve pulse within corridors in the first shot, even with low-G tests.

    ServoSled Conversions

    Easily upgrade a Hyge or other pin-orifice accelerator system with our ServoSled conversion. Converting your existing sled enables the high-frequency pulses needed for frontal impacts, while increasing thrust and payload capacity. The system reuses many existing components to make upgrading quick and economical.