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Dynamic Pitch Simulation

Add proven pitching simulation to your ServoSled system without any additional up-front cost. The Dynamic Pitch Simulator installs directly to ServoSled with breakthrough simplicity: no lab modifications are required. Achieve a repeatable trajectory by simply using the fixed mechanical guides, eliminating the need for expensive control systems. When you are finished, the whole pitch system can be removed in less than an hour, providing clear access to the sled and open camera angles for non-pitch testing.

Child Restraint System Side Impact Fixture

The Child Restraint System (CRS) Side Impact Fixture enables testing to new NHTSA CRS Side Impact Regulations (2014 amendment of FMVSS 213). The proven design is already in use with CRS manufacturers and allows for easy installation, use, and tear down on your existing sled system. The primary sled is accelerated to target velocity causing the impact frame to strike the CRS; this initiates the movement on the CRS Side Impact Fixture. Click here to download the datasheet.

Non-Destructive Side Impact Simulation System and Pole Intrusion Simulation System

For high quality side-impact testing, the sled mounting plate can be replaced with the side-impact base frame, pre-assembled with either the side impact or pole intrusion fixture. It includes the secondary sled for the seat and ATD. During the side-impact pulse, the ServoSled accelerates the door into the seat on the secondary sled.

Camera Outriggers

The outriggers provide rigid camera-mounting locations overhung from each side of the sled, accommodating cameras up to 18kg per outrigger (9kg per camera mount) at 80G. You can adjust the camera tilt and location, fore and aft. The hinged outriggers open like a gate allowing easy access to the sled during payload setup.

Quick Change System

Dramatically increase throughput. This system lets you change bucks in minutes and move much of the set-up process off the sled. The pre-engineered structural interface between the buck and the Quick Change system simplifies buck planning and design. Data acquisition and video can be mounted onto the Quick Change frame for off-sled connections and operation checks.

On-Sled Fixtures

ServoSled can be enhanced with a variety of fixtures for specific testing needs. The extensive options range from static yaw plates for offset and small overlap simulation to actuated footwell intrusion systems.