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ServoSled Catapult Sled System

Efficiently and accurately test everything from low-g whiplash to high payload crashes. Comply with the all of the latest FMVSS, ECE, and NCAP safety standards. The system’s innovative technology offers a number of key advantages to help lab managers meet the demands of safety engineering.


The ServoSled 700 performs seat, child seat, seatbelt, and battery regulatory pulses as well as more complex frontal vehicle pulses. Built on the proven ServoSled technologies being used in more than 50 safety labs worldwide, the compact “sled-in-a-box” is ready to use right out of the container with a short installation time that requires no major civil work.

Dynamic Pitch Simulator

Add the ability to simulate pitch without modifying your existing ServoSled system. Current ServoSled customers can add pitch simulation withoutreplacing their systems and new customers can buy with confidence knowing they can add the simulator any time in the future.

Decelerator Sled Testing System

Reproduce a full spectrum of crash pulses with excellent accuracy and repeatability. Our pneumatically propelled sleds use wire bender or polytube decelerators to offer excellent pulse repeatability with a minimal investment.


Dynamic Pitch Simulation, Child Restraint System Side Impact Fixture, Non-Destructive Side Impact Simulation System and Pole Intrusion Simulation System, Camera Outriggers, Quick Change System, On-Sled Fixtures