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Price versus performance

TEMA Lite has been developed to give the ultimate in price versus performance, letting you use the most powerful tracking and analysis tools on the market at a budget suited to you.

World's leading system for advanced motion analysis

TEMA Motion is the world’s leading system for advanced motion analysis. Its accurate tracking algorithms, advanced motion analysis and excellent presentation tools are crucial for delivering the highest quality test results.

Advanced motion analysis

TEMA Automotive is the world’s leading solution for advanced motion analysis in the automotive industry and specifically automotive crash testing.

Advanced Motion Analysis

TrackEye is the world leading system for advanced motion analysis on military test ranges. It has the highest available accuracy for analysis in two, three or six dimensions in applications such as Tracking Mount 3D, Fixed Camera 3D or Stores Release.

All at the same time from one single user interface

TEMA Camera Control is the optimal tool for controlling multiple high speed cameras of different models and brands, all at the same time and from one single user interface.