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Our extensive range of high speed imaging products includes

  • megapixel image resolution recording at up to 2,100,000 frames per second (fps)
  • four megapixel (2K x 2K) cameras
  • high-definition 1080 resolution for broadcast imaging and
  • ruggedized systems with miniature camera heads for on-board automotive safety testing.

  • High speed cameras can record the details of fast mechanical movements and play them back in slow motion. Whether industrial and research applications where high light sensitivity is required or applications under high g-force and vibration, our product prove their value by providing crisp clear images in slow motion to the user.

    By allowing engineers to record and measure events that the eye cannot see, high-speed video can significantly shorten the development cycle for new products. Design engineers can record a high-speed operation, make adjustments, re-record the event and immediately analyze the cause and effect relationships. The ability to analyze and correct problems as they occur means that you can get new equipment to market sooner, giving you a potential competitive edge.

    The high speed cameras are the ultimate tool to assist maintenance, design and process engineers in the troubleshooting and optimization of production cycles.

    In the SEMICON manufacturing, our cameras are widely used to capture high speed movement of wire bonding, SMT / Die Pick and Place, Tape and Reel, Trim and Form. The sequence of slow motion video helps engineer fine tune and calibrate the production equipment for optimal speed and reliability thus reducing equipment downtime and increase yield on manufactured product.

    In the consumer packaging process, production equipment are made to increase the PPU count. Such high speed machinery when it is malfunctioning, engineer cannot see the problem due to the high speed mechanical movement. In an effort to see what causes the malfunctions, most engineers typically slow the high-speed line down to observe manufacturing processes. This changes the mechanical phenomenon (bounce, vibration, alignment, indexing, dwell time induced by velocity changes, etc.) and the problem goes away. When the line is returned to the required high-speed run rate the problems return. Engineers and operators can spend a great deal of time and money trying to solve the unseen problems. Our high speed camera will immediately helps engineer sees the problem as it happens when the machinery is running at TOP speed.

    In sports there are a multitude of high speed events that lend themselves to analysis. Using a high speed camera, these movement sequences can be precisely recorded and analyzed resulting in maximum opportunities for optimization of training and body movement.

    In automotive crash test sled testing and barrier testing, high speed cameras have helped to make tremendous progress in active and passive safety. Due to its compactness and reliability of our cameras, it is the #1 choice to record details of crash test events.

    Defense applications require cameras that are reliable and shock tolerance or withstand harsh environment. Applications includes mounting high speed cameras for recording of store separation tests, recording projectile for flight trajectory analysis and studying of explosive detonation event.

    University R & D
    Our high speed cameras have become trusted by leading research customers worldwide to provide reliability and high performance in the most challenging imaging applications such as Engine combustion, Stress and Impact, PIV, Micro-PIV, Welding.

    We have the excellent solution and equipment for your needs