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Ultra High Speed Camera (UHS)

Phantom V1212

Phantom V1612

Phantom V2012

Phantom V2512

Phantom V2640

Phantom ultra high-speed cameras can achieve frame rates of up to 25,000 FPS at one megapixel resolution, exceptional image quality, and up to 288 GB memory.

With available memory options of 72GB, 144GB, or 288GB, this particular device also uses ultra-fast 10GB Ethernet for fast downloads.

For sensitive shots that require the bare minimum of vibration, there is even a "Quiet fans" setting that can be turned on to temporarily turn the fans off.

Ultra high-speed cameras are the perfect tool for research, industrial production, scientists, and anyone else in need of top-of-the-line quality camera shots of fast moving objects and materials. With roots dating back over 60 years, Phantom and Vision Research are names you can trust when it comes to high speed cameras.