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Welcome to the World of Phantom Digital High-Speed Cameras

Vision Research manufactures digital high speed cameras for the scientific, military, aerospace, automotive, research and entertainment industries. Here is a summary of our current line of award winning slow motion cameras.

Phantom VEO Cameras:
Compact, rugged and packed full of unique features, Phantom VEO high-speed cameras come in 2 body styles and 4 performance levels to enable the best camera choice for a broad range of applications.

Phantom Miro Midsize Cameras:
Our Miro line of Phantom digital high-speed cameras is targeted at a broad range of industries and applications that require an affordable, flexible, easy-to-use camera with excellent image quality, and speeds up to 3.2 gigapixels / second. That's over 3,000 fps at 1 Mpx resolution, for example.

Phantom V-Series Cameras:  
Equipped with CineMag storage technology, the v-Series is a "step up" from the Miro line in speed, memory capacity, and advanced features. Available in 1Mpx and 4Mpx versions up to 7 gigapixels / second.

Phantom UHS-12 Series Cameras
When the application calls for the absolute fastest capabilities, the powerful 1 Mpx Ultrahigh-Speed 12 Series is here, with up to 25 gigapixels/second, phenomenal sensitivity, and up to 288GB of memory.

Phantom Miro C/N Series
Affordable, small, and flexible cameras, the Miro C's are perfect for a broad range of applications, from rugged auto crash testing to lab analyses

Phantom TV Motion Picture & Media Cameras
The Phantom Flex4K, Flex, LC320S and v642 are the production industry's top choice for high-speed cinematography, special effects and super slow-mo replays for live sports