Welding Imaging

In welding applications typically metallic pieces and components are joined together by melting the material in the connection area. In some applications, especially with thick materials, filler material is added to the joint. The heat is typically induced by electricity like in induction welding, spot welding and arc welding, or by electromagnetic radiation as in laser and electron beam welding. Due to the high energy impact on a small area, the processes emit large amount of thermal light. Therefore the core of the welding process is extremely bright, and thus also a major challenge for camera-based welding imaging systems.

Cavitar laser illumination enables clear visualization of welding processes as if they were essentially cold. This is mainly due to the high spectral brightness of the laser in combination with efficient filtering of the thermal light. Our solutions can be applied principally in all arc and laser welding processes. The solutions range from high-speed imaging for research purposes to quality assurance in industrial production lines.

Arc Welding

  • Clear visibility of drop forming
  • Clear visibility of melt pool and surrounding area
  • E.g. MIG and MAG (GMAW), flux core, TIG, hybrid welding
  • Recommended products: CAVILUX HF for high speed welding visualization, Cavitar Welding Camera for visual monitoring

  • Laser Welding

  • Clear visibility of keyhole, also at very high frame rates
  • Clear visibility of melt pool and surrounding area
  • g. CO2, Nd:YAG, fiber, disc and diode lasers, electron beams
  • Recommended products: CAVILUX HF or CAVILUX Smart

  • Real-time Monitoring

  • Live video of arc welding processes for quality assurance
  • Clear image of the welding process
  • Recognition of errors in real time
  • Documentation of the process or desired parts of the process
  • Ergonomic position to observe the process
  • E.g. MIG, MAG, TIG, hybrid welding
  • Recommended products: Cavitar Welding Camera

  • Gas Flow

  • Clear visibility of gas flow with special optical solution
  • Visibility of melt pool and electrode
  • E.g. arc and laser welding processes
  • Recommended products: CAVILUX HF or CAVILUX Smart