Machine Vision

Wide range of imaging sensors are used in industrial manufacturing in order to achieve high-quality products and efficient manufacturing processes. Camera-based sensors often have many advantages over other types of sensors because they produce 2D-information or even 3D-information by nature. In order to achieve desired information from the process, the choice of illumination is critical. While LED is the most common light source for many machine vision systems, they cannot solve several specific requirements.

CAVILUX laser illumination addresses the challenges that typical light sources like LEDs or halogen lamps cannot solve. These lasers are designed for easy integration into machine vision systems and their capability of eliminating motion blur and seeing through thermal radiation opens up new possibilities for machine vision systems.


Direct Light

  • Accurate and intense lighting even from long distances of 10 m or more (light source can be high above or to the side from the disturbances of production line)
  • Fiber coupling provides variability
  • Different lighting setups and illuminated areas depending on the need of the application
  • For industrial applications of area scan cameras
  • Combined direct and structured light for simultaneous area imaging and topography measurement
  • E.g. topography, distant illumination
  • Recommended product: CAVILUX OEM

  • Line Light

  • Generation of line profiles with high intensity and safe distances away from production line disturbances
  • Highly uniform light intensity throughout the illuminated area. Various line widths starting from 1 mm
  • Line length up to several meters
  • E.g. flow measurements, web inspection - surface and density (paper, wood, glass, foil), geometrical measurements of long targets
  • Applications in paper industry and hot metal industry
  • Recommended products: CAVILUX OEM

  • Structured Light

  • Combines laser triangulation with another great benefit of CAVILUX lasers - the ability to see through heat
  • Uniform illumination with dark patterns on it (combines image and e.g. multiple lines)
  • Different patterns can be created with just one light source
  • High resolution and contrast between dark and illuminated regions
  • E.g. surface reconstruction, profile measurement in welding monitoring, long targets
  • Recommended products: CAVILUX OEM