• Detect and adjust
  • Freeze the motion of small and fast objects and detect defects in your process, even at full production speed
  • See hot and bright objects as cold – continuously in real time.

  • Take advantage of the information in your process that was impossible to see previously.

    CAVILUX laser illumination has several unique features that enable completely new and improved measurement possibilities in various industrial and scientific applications. Our illumination laser technology is ideal for high-speed cameras of all speeds as well as for machine vision cameras.

    With CAVILUX laser illumination it is possible to see through heat by eliminating thermal light from the object. It is therefore possible to see the process as if it were cold. This feature is especially important in welding industry and hot metal processing.

    CAVILUX lasers also create very short pulses that can “freeze the motion” of very fast objects. This is of high importance when monitoring fast-moving industrial webs, flow processes at high magnification or in defense applications such as ballistics, explosions and shockwaves.

    CAVILUX laser illumination enables the highest possible image quality in various applications. The compact, yet robust, design of our products enables the operation both in laboratory and production line environments. The possibility of fiber coupling also makes it possible to realize solutions in limited space.

    Please contact us and together we can create the optimal solution for your monitoring purposes.

    Welding Industry

    See through heat and blinding brightness straight to the core of your welding process

    Our technology enables you to see the welding process as cold. With Cavilux welding monitoring solution you can monitor as well as adjust your process right away once a defect has been detected. You get never-before-seen visual information on such things as seam position, melt pool behaviour and drop forming of filler material.

  • Arc welding (MIG, MAG, TIG)
  • Laser welding
  • Robot welding
  • Semi-automated welding
  • Hybrid welding

  • Process Industry

    Freeze the motion of small and fast objects

    Even in challenging conditions such as in applications that contain liquids and inflammable materials. Eliminate motion blur in your process monitoring and detect flaws even in very fast and demanding processes such as monitoring the topography of a paper web at full production speed. Solution enables even real-time image analyses of, for example, size, shape and distribution of particles.

  • Paper web – surface topography
  • Particle detection (e.g. in the chemical industry)
  • Particle formation

  • We are also providing customized components as well as complete laser illumination solutions developed and configured to your specific needs.

    Foundry Industry

    See through the heat and blinding brightness of melt metal processes

    Our solutions monitor the critical steps of foundry processes. Increase the safety of your personnel, reduce expensive down-time and prevent excessive and repetitive post-processing phases. Our solutions are specifically designed to endure rough foundry conditions. Large surfaces can also be monitored in real time with high accuracy.

  • Melt metal surveillance
  • Slab surface inspection
  • Furnace wall inspection

  • Defense

    Understand and improve

    We provides various solutions for applications such as ballistics and explosions where the gathering of accurate quantitative information, such as speed, rotation and the loss of kinetic energy gives important knowledge about the object of the study. Understand the behaviour of bullets and projectiles. Improve the safety of protective materials.

  • Ballistics
  • Materials testing – e.g. collisions, projectiles
  • Explosions